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Human Threads


Human Threads was a commemoration of Ceredigion’s collective experiences of the covid-10 pandemic.


Ceredigion Museum asked its communities to contribute to ‘Human Threads’, an exhibition and artwork that recorded our experiences of the Covid pandemic in Ceredigion. The experiences were recorded digitally in the form of images, film, poetry and song. A website showcased the rich patches sent to us by our community articulating a broad range of creative responses to the pandemic. From carers and students to parents and young people, the patches reflected the changes in our lives during this ‘new normal’ from a resurgence in our interest in nature, struggles with isolation and move to online school and remote working.


The digital quilt also existed as a physical exhibition which was exhibited as part of the wider ‘Human Threads’ exhibition at the museum.


We made a commitment to reach out to our diverse communities which we did with support from the film maker Ami Daniels to make digital patches with community members who aren’t currently represented within our collections.


The exhibition united stories from across time in a variety of creative textiles crafted through quilting and patchwork - two distinct but frequently combined stitching techniques, and we’ve updated the concept to include a digital quilt.


This selection of quilts was chosen primarily for the insights they give us into daily life in Ceredigion, Wales from the 19th century to present day, a glimpse into the lives of those who made and used them.


They have been preserved for many different reasons, whether sentimental or commemorative, as examples of needlework skills and techniques, or even because of the specific fabrics used in their designs. The digital quilt will be preserved as a record of our local experiences of the Covid-19 global pandemic


Human Threads explored how the skills and experiences of people, past and present, help shape our lives. 

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